Larifan Spray


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Larifan spray is intended for oral cavity care in order to reduce the probability of a possible viral infection penetration into organism through pharynx and upper respiratory tract.

The use of the spray delays the development of the inflammatory process, limits the distribution of pain sensation of pharynx and upper respiratory tract.

Larifan spray is recommended for the use in cases of irritation, inflammation and soreness in oral cavity, pharynx and upper respiratory tract.

Larifan spray is appropriate:

  • For oral cavity care to minimize the risk of viral infections entering the organism
  • For oral cavity protection against irritating process development in pharynx mucosa and upper respiratory tract caused by infections
  • For delay of painful sensations and the delay of development of different irritations in the oral cavity, pharynx and upper respiratory tract


Active substance – lyophilised double-stranded ribonucleic acid (dsRNA) Larifan. Excipient – NaCl 0,9% solution (in a separate capsule)


0.9% NaCl solution which is supplied along with the Larifan spray is provided for dissolving the content of the bottle before use. The diluted contents of a Larifan spray bottle should be used in a 2-3 day period by spraying the substance as deeply into the oral cavity as possible.

In order to ensure a preventive effect, the daily dose should not exceed 0.6 – 1.0 mg of the active substance, which means that, when diluting Larifan with the enclosed 10 ml NaCl solution, the daily consumption is 1/3 to 1/2 of a bottle.

Storage conditions

Larifan is lyophilised, it can be stored at room temperature. After dissolving, store in the refrigerator (temperature not higher than +4oC), it can be stored 3-4 day. An unused solution may be frozen and stored over a period until 3 years.

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