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Cream LARIFAN foot


Damaged skin and chapped feet care.

Cream LARIFAN FOOT is designed for care of problematic, irritated and sensitive skin. Very suitable for chapped skin, especially for treatment of heels. LARIFAN FOOT in addition to traditional basic ointment ingredients contains also the following active ingredients: dsRNS Larifan, avocado oil, oat oil, urea.

dsRNS Larifan (double stranded ribonucleic acid) is a patented natural origin component which increases body’s local resistance to harmful environmental effects, including viruses and bacteria, provides protection against the development of viruses and bacteria in places of damaged skin, improves cell regeneration capability and facilates crack healing process. It also has calming effect on various types of skin irritation.

Avocado oil is mild, nutritious and softening oil, rich in A, B1, B2, D and E vitamins. It is quickly absorbed and affects even the deepest layers of skin – therefore suitable to refresh and strengthen tired skin.

Oat oil is rich in omega-6 and omega-9 : acids, vitamin E and herbal antioxidants, which are important components for healthy functioning of skin and ensuring its normal protective functions. Oat oil is especially suitable for dry, sensitive skin and skin prone to allergies, itching, dermatitis. This oil helps to restore natural lipid layer of skin, reduces itching, peeling, softens and moisturizes skin, it also improves elasticity and reduces inflammatory processes.

Urea promotes skin softening and improves elasticity.

When used even with neglected and problematic skin damages, the result is felt within few days. For persons who are tended to heel skin cracking, especially diabetics, it is advised to use ointment periodically, also during intervals between complaints because ingredients of the ointment protect against development of viruses and microbes thus preventing formation of new inflammatory processes.

The cream was created after recommendations from the Latvian Medical – cosmetologists Association.

Positive evaluation from doctors-podiatrists has been received.



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